Premium quality EN 10253-2 P235GH SMLS concentric reducers from Haihao Group

Haihao Group is proud to present our high-quality EN 10253-2 SMLS concentric reducers made from P235GH material. These reducers are essential components in various industrial piping systems, ensuring smooth transitions between different pipe diameters while maintaining the integrity and performance of the system.

Understanding EN 10253-2 Standard

EN 10253-2 is a European standard that specifies the requirements for seamless and welded steel fittings used for pressure purposes. The standard covers fittings made from non-alloy and alloy steels suitable for both ambient and elevated temperature service. Compliance with EN 10253-2 ensures that our products meet stringent quality and safety standards, making them ideal for use in demanding industrial environments.

EN 10253-2 P235GH SMLS concentric reducers

EN 10253-2 P235GH SMLS concentric reducers

Features of P235GH Material

P235GH is a European specified steel for use in pressure vessels, boilers, and heat exchangers. It is non-alloyed steel that is characterized by its excellent mechanical properties and weldability, making it a preferred choice for a variety of pressure-related applications.

Key Properties of P235GH:

High Strength and Durability: Ensuring long service life and reliability in high-pressure applications.

Excellent Weldability: Facilitating easy and secure connections in piping systems.

Good Resistance to Elevated Temperatures: Making it suitable for use in environments where high temperature is a factor.

The Role of SMLS Concentric Reducers

Seamless (SMLS) Concentric Reducers are crucial for connecting pipes of different diameters, ensuring a smooth flow of fluids or gases. The seamless construction of these reducers provides superior strength and integrity, reducing the risk of leaks and failures under pressure.

Benefits of Using EN 10253-2 P235GH SMLS CONC Reducer:

Seamless Construction: Enhances the strength and reliability of the fitting.

Precision Engineering: Ensures a perfect fit and easy installation.

Material Excellence: P235GH material offers outstanding performance under pressure and temperature variations.

Compliance with Standards: Ensures safety, quality, and performance in line with European standards.


Our EN 10253-2 SMLS concentric reducers made from P235GH are suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

Petrochemical Industries: For the safe and efficient transport of chemicals.

Power Generation: In boiler and heat exchanger systems where high temperature and pressure conditions prevail.

Oil and Gas Industries: For reliable performance in upstream, midstream, and downstream applications.

General Industrial Piping: Wherever robust and durable pipe fittings are required.

Why Choose Haihao Group?

At Haihao Group, we are committed to delivering top-quality piping solutions that meet international standards. Our extensive experience and dedication to quality ensure that our products provide reliable performance and durability.

Key Advantages of Partnering with Haihao Group:

Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing and quality control to meet and exceed industry standards.

Expertise: Decades of experience in manufacturing high-quality pipe fittings.

Global Reach: Serving clients worldwide with tailored solutions to meet diverse needs.

Comprehensive Solutions: Offering a wide range of pipe fittings and related products for various industries.

For more information about our EN 10253-2 P235GH SMLS concentric reducers or to discuss your specific requirements, please visit our website or contact our sales team. At Haihao Group, we are dedicated to providing the best products and services to ensure the success of your projects.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with clients globally, delivering excellence in every project we undertake.