Haihao Group delivers ASME B16.9 A234 GR WPB concentric and eccentric reducers to British customers

Haihao Group has recently delivered a batch of ASME B16.9 concentric and eccentric reducers to our clients in the United Kingdom. These products, meticulously manufactured in strict accordance with ASME B16.9 standard, meet the diverse requirements of our customers in the UK.

ASME B16.9 concentric and eccentric reducers are commonly used fittings for connecting pipes of different diameters. The typical forming processes include diameter reduction, diameter expansion, or a combination of both, while stamping forming can also be used for certain specifications of different diameter pipes. The diameter reduction process for pipes of different diameters involves placing a blank with the same diameter as the larger end of the pipe into a forming die and axially extruding the metal to move and shrink along the die cavity. Depending on the size of the diameter change, it can be formed in one press or multiple presses.

The mouth diameters of ASME B16.9 concentric reducers A234 GR WPB are the same, making them suitable for occasions where two pipes of the same size need to be connected. Additionally, the advantage of concentric reducer connections is smoother and more efficient operation, as they do not cause shearing or swirling in the pipes and are also more convenient for maintenance and replacement. Generally, ASME B16.9 concentric reducers A234 GR WPB are mainly used for changing the diameter and do not involve the discharge of gas or liquid.

The mouth diameters of ASME B16.9 eccentric reducers A234 GR WPB are different, making them suitable for occasions where two pipes of different sizes need to be connected. Furthermore, because the connection of eccentric reducers is asymmetrical at one end, they are generally more suitable for corrosion-resistant pipelines, as the connection is more compact and less prone to leakage. Typically, ASME B16.9 eccentric reducers A234 GR WPB are used not only for changing the diameter but also for the discharge of gas or liquid and for preventing gas or liquid accumulation in the pipes.

Haihao Group is committed to providing excellent products to our customers. Our ASME B16.9 concentric and eccentric reducers reflect our commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. Whether for industrial, commercial, or residential applications, our products are meticulously designed to meet the highest standards and exceed expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive pipeline solutions and how we can meet your project needs with excellence and reliability.