Plastic-lined pipe fittings using the matters needing attention

Metal pipes are strong,easy to operate and inexpensive,even mild corrosive liquids can corrode them quickly from the inside out, severely limiting their service life.Nonmetallic pipes(such as glass fibers and thermoplastics) not having the physical strength of metal pipes,but has excellent chemical resistance.Plastic-lined pipe fittings combine the advantages of two common piping systems.

Galvanized plastic lined pipe fittings

Galvanized plastic lined pipe fittings

Plastic-lined piping systems provide the chemical resistance of plastics and the inherent strength of steel or alloy metal piping systems.It is excellent for handling acid, corrosive and hazardous materials.The plastic liner pipe can be used as either loose liner or lock liner,but the lock liner reduces the influence of the difference of expansion coefficient between the metal and the liner.

There are many liner materials,such as HDPE, PP,ECTFE, PTFE, PVDF, ETFE, MPFA, PFA,etc.The plastic-lined piping system can in two different pressure ratings,150lb and 300lb.Plastic-lined pipe fittings include elbow,tee,reducer,etc.It adopts the lining material of the same material as steel plastic composite pipe.

Plastic lined elbows with flanges

Plastic lined elbows with flanges

Plastic-lined pipe fitting has the same anti-corrosion ability as the tube material,and has interchangeability and generality.

Maintenance and precautions before use of plastic-lined pipes and fittings:

  • Don’t open for a long time storage,avoid the sun,rain,avoid violent collision,stacked heavy pile pressure.
  • The sealing surface shall not be scratched,cut,scratched or collided with hard objects.
  • Never allow the lining of the pipe fittings,accessories on the welding,cutting,fire, etc.,to be separated from the heat source more than 1 meter.

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