Manufacture method and advantage of hot dip galvanized bolt

In fact, the production method of hot dip galvanized bolt is not complicated. Before galvanizing, the oil stains on the surface of the bolt are pickled off, so that the bolt is in a lead-free state, and then the bolt is placed in a solution of six hundred degrees of high temperature for hot dip galvanizing processing.

Haihao Group has recently produced two batches of orders for hot-dip galvanized bolts and nuts. We can choose the quantity of matching nuts and the treatment method of hot-dip galvanized nuts according to customer requirements.

Hot dip galvanized bolts

Hot dip galvanized bolts

The advantages of hot dip galvanized bolts:

1.Low production cost

Compared with the bolt with paint coating on the surface, the processing cost and corrosion resistance cost of hot-dip galvanized bolt are lower, so this process is favored by many fastener manufacturers.

2.High production efficiency

The construction efficiency of hot dip galvanizing process is higher than that of other coating processes, which saves time and energy to a certain extent. And after the installation of hot-dip galvanized bolts, the construction personnel do not need to paint them on the construction site, which greatly improves the progress of the project.

3.Reliable quality

The zinc liquid of hot dip galvanized bolt is closely combined with the bolt, and there will be no drop off or omission. In addition, hot-dip galvanized bolts are strong and durable, and will not damage the building during the installation process. Compared with stainless steel bolts, hot-dip galvanized bolts have the advantages of low cost and high quality.

4.Excellent performance

It has strong adaptability and can be installed in wet or high temperature construction environment. Hot dip galvanized bolt also has excellent corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, tensile properties and fastening properties, not easy to loose and fracture phenomenon, to ensure the safety of construction personnel and construction of the quality of the building.

With the development of science and technology, hot dip galvanized bolt has been used in many fields due to its superior performance. Haihao Group keeps up with the industry trend, improves and improves the production and processing of hot-dip galvanized bolts, which has been widely praised by new and old customers for 30 years. Welcome to buy!