Hot dip galvanized pipe fittings ordered by Indonesian customer

The hot dip galvanized pipe fittings for this batch of order include galvanized elbow, galvanized reducer, galvanized tee, galvanized pipe cap, etc. At the request of the customer in Indonesia, the pipe fittings were hot dip galvanized. The main purpose of galvanizing is to enhance the corrosion resistance of the pipe fitting itself. Hot dip galvanized pipe fittings are mainly used for conveying gas, heating and other pipeline engineering. If the steel pipe body needs galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, the corresponding connecting pipe fittings should also be galvanized. Hot dip galvanized pipe fittings are widely used in construction, machinery, coal mine, chemical industry, railway vehicles, automobile industry, highways, Bridges, containers, sports facilities, agricultural machinery, petroleum machinery, prospecting machinery and other manufacturing industries.

Hot  dip galvanized pipe fittings

Hot dip galvanized pipe fittings

The main production process of hot dip galvanized pipe fittings is: defatting → rinsing → pickling → cleaning → dipping agent → hot air drying → hot dip galvanizing → internal and external blowing → cooling → passivation and rinsing.

Hot dip galvanized galvanized layer thick, with uniform coating, strong adhesion, long service life and other advantages. The complex physical and chemical reaction takes place between the matrix of the pipe fittings and the molten bath, forming a tight zinc-ferro-alloy layer with corrosion resistance. The alloy layer is integrated with the pure zinc layer and the pipe fitting matrix. Therefore, its corrosion resistance is strong. The cost of galvanizing is low, the surface is not very smooth, and the corrosion resistance of hot-dip galvanized pipe fittings is much better than the pipe fittings themselves. This is the focus of customer requirements for hot dip galvanizing pipe fittings.

Hot dip galvanized tees

Hot dip galvanized tees

Haihao Group specializes in the production of alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel pipe fittings for more than 40 years, has rich experience in hot dip galvanizing pipe fittings, and strictly controls each process of production, packaging and transportation. Welcome new and old customers to order hot dip galvanized pipe fittings!