Large size pipe fittings orders from Canadian customers

Hebei haihao group has been producing pipe fittings for about 40 years. We have a professional team and technical personnel to pursue high quality products.

This time, the customer ordered some large size pipe fittings. Here are some product descriptions.

Products  Size  THK  Material  Standard
 Weld Concentric Reducer  28″ x 24″  STD  A234 WPB  ASME B16.9
 Weld Tee  28″ x 24″  STD  A234 WPB  ASME B16.9
 Weld 45 degree LR Elbow  28″  STD  A234 WPB  ASME B16.9

As for typing, the customer’s requirements are size, thickness (pressure), material and heat number.

In terms of painting, customers can choose black paint.

Here is the finished picture for your reference.

45 degree LR elbows A234 WPB

45 degree LR elbows A234 WPB

Because it’s a large-size pipe fitting, our factory is worried that the end bevel will be damaged during transportation. We have installed iron protection mouth on the end bevel of each product to protect the product.

Iron protection mouth

Iron protection mouth

No matter in the aspect of packaging or painting, we always take a careful attitude to provide customers with a beautiful product.

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us!