Introduction,classification and application of unions

Introduction of unions:

A pipe union is used to connect two pipes and the connection is a secure and semi-permanent.Union is mainly composed of a nut,a cloud head and a flat joint.The joint is a common pipe joint that can be easily installed and disassembled.The types of socket joints have equal diameter and different diameter.

ASTM A105 ANSI B16.11 pipe union

ASTM A105 ANSI B16.11 pipe union

classification of unions:

Pipe joints machined by round steel or steel ingots,the connection form is divided into socket welding and threaded connection.The socket welding is to insert the steel pipe into the socket to weld. Therefore,it is called “plugging”.”Joint joint”, the threaded connection is to screw the steel pipe into the screw hole for connection.Therefore,it is called “thread joint”,and the main manufacturing standards are ASME B16.11,MSS SP 83.

Application of unions:

The socket joint can be widely used in pipes of different calibers, and can also be used for water meters and valves. Due to the use of the socket structure, the pipe joint reduces the cost, the installation, use and maintenance are extremely convenient, and at the same time, the leakage resistance is extremely high, and there is a great market prospect.

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