How should surface treatment be carried out during bending?

The surface treatment is also very important in the processing of elbows.The quality of the treatment will directly affect the service life of the anti-corrosion coating of elbows. The different types of product coating, the advantages of product coating quality and the quality of construction will directly affect the service life of the anti-corrosion coating. The surface treatment of elbows needs to be in strict accordance with the anti-corrosion coating standards of elbows.

In the process of cleaning, emulsion and solvent should be used to clean the surface of bend steel, which can effectively remove the dust and grease on the steel to a certain extent, as well as the smooth agent and organic matters in the process of using.

Polished bend

Polished bend

In the process of pipe bend derusting, the steel surface needs to be polished, and the steel wire brush and other things are used in the process of polishing. In this way, the welding slag and rust oxide skin on the steel surface can be removed, and the electrolytic method is used in pickling.

When the elbow is used, it is better to run for a while under the condition of low speed and medium load, so that the elbow can adapt its use state well, and slowly increase the running speed of the wire rope, so that the load can be increased and raised.

In the process of using the bend, do not squeeze it intensively, which can effectively prevent the deformation of its steel wire rope, so it will be damaged from the structure, and then there will be the situation of its early broken wire, broken strand and broken rope.

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