Heat treatment and storage of stainless steel head

Heat treatment of stainless steel head:

Stainless steel head in the heating and cooling process, stainless steel head due to the surface and the core of the cooling rate and time is not consistent, the formation of temperature difference, will lead to the volume expansion and contraction of uneven stress,that is,thermal stress. Under the action of thermal stress, because the surface temperature is lower than the core at the beginning and the shrinkage is greater than the core, the core will be pulled. When the cooling is finished, the surface will be compressed and the core will be pulled because the final cooling volume contraction of the core cannot proceed freely.

Stainless Steel Head

Stainless Steel Head

Storage of stainless steel head:

Stainless steel head storage should pay attention to moisture, dust, oil, lubricating oil, and surface rust, or poor welding corrosion resistance decline. When water is immersed between the film and the steel substrate, the corrosion rate is faster than that without the film. It should be placed in a clean, dry and easy to air place, keep the original packaging state, the stainless steel film should avoid direct light, the film should be periodic inspection, if the film deterioration (film life of 6 months) should be replaced immediately, if the packing material when adding pad paper soaked, in order to prevent surface corrosion should be immediately removed pad paper.

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