Functions of electrode coating

The most important element in manual arc welding is the electrode itself, which is made of a metal core coated with a granular flux and a certain adhesive. All carbon steel and low alloy steel electrodes are basically made of low carbon steel wire, and the alloying elements are derived from the coating, which is also a more economical alloying method.

Eccentric Reducers ASTM A234 WPB ASME B16.9

Eccentric Reducers ASTM A234 WPB ASME B16.9

The difference in the electrode coating results in different types of electrodes, and the electrode coating has the following five functions:

(1) Protection – The gas produced after the decomposition of the electrode coating provides protection for the molten metal.

(2) Deoxidation – The coating removes oxygen and other gases for welding flux.

(3) Alloying – The coating provides alloying elements for the weld.

(4) Ionization – The coating improves electrical properties to enhance arc stability.

(5) Insulation – The coverage of the solidified weld slag on the weld metal reduces the cooling rate of the weld metal.

The following pictures are the Reducer sample we provided our customer.

In addition to some special alloy materials, manual arc welding is used extensively in most industries. With the continuous improvement of equipment and welding rods, this welding method always maintains high welding quality.