ASME B16.9 A234 WPB reducers are exported

Reducer is a kind of steel butt welding pipe fitting, used for the connection between two different pipe diameters, play a role of transition between large and small caliber pipe welding. Which is divided into concentric reducers and eccentric reducers two categories.

The molding process is usually used for reducing diameter pressing, expanding pressing or reducing diameter plus expanding pressing, for some specifications of reducing pipe can also be used stamping molding, steel plate rolling molding, high pressure forging.

A234 WPB B16.9 Concentric Renducers

A234 WPB B16.9 Concentric Renducers

The process of reducing the diameter of the big head is to put the tube blank equal to the diameter of the big head into the forming mold, and press the metal along the axial direction of the tube blank to move and shrink the mold. According to the size of reducing tube, it can be divided into one pressing forming or multiple pressing forming.

The reducing is widely used: LPG pipeline engineering, natural gas pipeline, chemical plant, power plant, shipyard, nuclear power plant, pharmaceutical, dairy, beer, beverage, water supply and drainage, steam gas pipeline and so on.

Recently we have exported a batch of ASME B16.9 concentric reducers and eccentric reducers made of A234 WPB material. We have carried out strict appearance inspection on them, including diameter, thickness and marking. The customer is very satisfied after receiving the goods. The following is the finished picture




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