What’s the flattening test?

A Korean customer comes to the factory to inspect the sample and do the test. The customer’s inquiry is for small size pipe fittings with straight seam. The customer requires to prepare a steel pipe of raw materials for a flattening test to detect the weld of raw materials.

We prepared a raw material steel pipe with a length of about 300mm and cut it into a test block of about 50mm.The steel pipe was flattened in the laboratory. After the flattening, there was no change in the weld seam of the steel pipe. The customer was very satisfied.

The steel pipe was flattened in the laboratory

The steel pipe was flattened in the laboratory

Flattening test is a test method used to test the deformation performance of a metal tube flattened to a specified size and to show its defects.

In the flattening test, the sample placed between two parallel plates, and the press or other method, the uniform pressure to the related technical conditions stipulated by the flattened distance (with the outer wall of tube flattening or wall crushed margins, expressed in mm), check sample bending deformation, if there is no crack, crack or weld cracking, that qualified.

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