What is trimmed elbow?

In the piping industry,sometimes clients require trimmed elbow.What is trimmed elbow?

Trimmed elbow actually is trimming the standard angle elbow into reduced angle elbow by cutting the elbow and grinding it and performing end preparation.

For example,you want to make 50degree elbow,then you have only one option to trim the 90degree standard elbow.Whereas your desired elbow angle is 30degree,you will have two options.One is to cut the 90degree elbow to 30degree.Second option is to cut the 45degree elbow into 30degree elbow.If the desired angle is less than 45degree it is economical to cut the 45degree elbow.

Shrimp waist elbow

Shrimp waist elbow

Normally piping designers will avoid and should avoid the trimmed elbow used because it will result additional work and cost to the project by trimming the elbows.But if it is unavoidable or the designers thinks that to make the orthographic angle it may require more standard elbows,then he choose to trim the elbow to the desired angle.

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