What is the shrimp waist elbow?

Shrimp waist is a kind of elbow in pipe fittings. It is very common to use shrimp waist elbow, and the cutting and manufacturing is very simple, but the traditional method is difficult to operate industrial large diameter elbow, and it is difficult to ensure the accuracy.

Now we can use the computer drawing and lofting to calculate the length of the plain line at each point, and then divide the pipe into equal parts according to the same number of shares, cut the line segment with the calculated length on the plain line, and then draw the cutting line by connecting the end points.

Shrimp waist elbow is usually made of high-quality cast steel, stainless steel or alloy steel, which can withstand high pressure in various high-pressure pipelines and withstand the corrosion of fluid in the pipeline. In different pipeline systems, not only good compressive strength, but also other excellent characteristics are required.

Shrimp waist elbow

Shrimp waist elbow

For example, in the concrete pipeline, the high-pressure elbow in the mud pipeline should not only bear higher pipe pressure, but also have good wear resistance.

The high-pressure elbow in chemical raw material transportation pipeline system should not only bear high pipeline pressure, but also have excellent corrosion resistance and acid-base resistance.

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