Two kinds of production technology and comparison of reducing elbow

Reducing elbow is different from equal diameter elbow, that is, two elbows end with different diameters are similar to reducing pipe. Reducers will also have the bend radius of a normal elbow.

Generally, there are two kinds of manufacturing process of reducing elbow: one is seamless reducing elbow, which is usually heat shrinkable or heat expanded to achieve the effect of different diameters at both ends. Another method is to cut a standard elbow blank into a V-shaped elbow, and then apply pressure. With the help of the power of conventional or special stamping equipment, the elbow blank is directly subjected to deformation force and deformed in the die, so as to obtain the corresponding shape. Slowly under the pressure, it gradually turns into a circle and becomes a circular diameter. Finally, it is welded and formed, and the elbow is welded Wipe off the seam and smooth it to get a reducing elbow.

Reducing elbows

Reducing elbows

In general, the quality of seamless reducing elbow is better than that of welded reducing elbow, because there is no weld in the production of seamless reducing elbow and welding is not needed, but its cost is large and the process is complex. The advantages of welding reducing elbow are simple operation and low cost, so it is favored by many customers, but the quality is not good.

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