Reinforced tee order for a Russia project

Recently, there was an order from Russia for a water project. The customer gave a lot of drawings, all of which were customized tees, including the pad of the strengthening part. In previous articles, we introduced why we do strengthening tees (Why do reinforcing tee?),so I won’t go into details here.

Customer's drawing

Customer’s drawing

This order from Russia is completely customized according to the customer’s drawings, including the pad. Before production, our technical staff confirmed the parameters with the customer to clarify the specific requirements of the customers. The branch of tee is V-shaped welded with header pipe,not pulled out of the run pipe, and the pad strengthened covers the welding seam.

Reinforced Tee

Reinforced Tee

This project requires very high quality,similarly it requires good raw materials and good weld quality, what’s more,good quality control. As an experienced manufacturer of tee, Hebei Haihao Group always faces such difficult orders with ease. Because we have professional technical staff, experienced welder and excellent quality inspectors. That’s why we always provide perfect products. So if any demand for reinforced tee, welcome!