Marine cast flange and forged flange

The casting flange has accurate shape and size, small workload and low cost,but has casting defects (pore, crack, inclusion);the inner structure of the casting is poor streamlined (if it is a cutting part, the streamlined shape is worse);

Forged flanges are generally less carbon and less rusty than cast flanges.Forged flanges have better streamlined shape,compact structure and better mechanical properties than cast flanges.

Casing Threaded Flange

Casing Threaded Flange

Improper forging process will also lead to large or uneven grains,hardening cracks and higher forging cost than casting flange.

Forgings can withstand higher shear and tensile forces than castings.

The advantages of castings are that they can produce more complex shapes and lower costs.

BS4504 ASTM A105 weld neck flanges

BS4504 ASTM A105 weld neck flanges

The advantage of forging is that its internal structure is uniform,and there are no harmful defects such as blowhole and inclusion in the casting.

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