Hot dip galvanized union with thread

Galvanizing is divided into hot galvanizing and cold galvanizing. Hot dip galvanizing is an effective way of metal anticorrosion. It is to melt the zinc ingot at high temperature, put some auxiliary materials into it, and then dip the pipe into the galvanizing tank, so that a layer of zinc layer is attached to the pipe, so as to achieve the purpose of anticorrosion. Hot dip galvanized point lies in his strong anticorrosion ability, the adhesion and hardness of galvanized layer is good. Cold galvanized: zinc is less, is the use of electrolysis to make the surface of metal or other materials attached to a layer of metal film process. The process of forming uniform, dense and good bonding force metal layer can prevent corrosion, improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflective and enhance the role of beauty.

Our company recently exported a batch of hot-dip galvanized pipe fittings to Singapore. For example, hot dip galvanized union with thread made of A105N and according to B16.11 standard, please look at the picture below.

Hot dip galvanized union with thread A105N B16.11

Hot dip galvanized union with thread A105N B16.11

Although hot dip galvanized appearance is not cold galvanized fine and bright, uniform coating. But the zinc layer thickness of hot dip galvanized is dozens of times of cold galvanized. Corrosion resistance is also dozens of times that of electrogalvanizing. Hot dip galvanized steel parts suitable for outdoor work, as well as more “rough” workpiece long-term rust prevention

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