Haihao successfully produces and exports large-diameter seamless elbows

Seamless elbow is a kind of pipe fitting used at the turning of pipeline. In all pipe fittings of the pipeline system, it accounts for the largest proportion, about 80%, and is widely used in chemical, oil, natural gas and other industries. Compared with slotted elbows, seamless elbows have a series of advantages, including more healthy, non-toxic, lighter weight, better heat resistance and better corrosion resistance, higher impact resistance, longer service life, etc.

Large diameter seamless elbows

Large diameter seamless elbows

The production of large-diameter seamless elbow is Considered a technical difficulty in the industry.In June this year, we received a batch of orders for large-diameter seamless elbows from Saudi customers, with production specifications of 920mm, 1020mm and 1220mm.After receiving the order, HAI HAO group quickly organized technical personnel to hold a technical analysis meeting to jointly agree on technical solutions. Finally, through innovative mold equipment and equipment transformation and upgrading, the1220mm diameter seamless elbow was successfully manufactured. After testing, all the products meet the quality requirements and have been packaged and sent abroad.

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