Haihao provides flanges and related products for nuclear power plant projects

With the increasing popularity of Haihao Group in the domestic and international markets, we often receive demand for pipe fittings that need to be used in complex environments. Not long ago, Haihao received a request from the customer to purchase a batch of flanges and flange gaskets for nuclear power plant projects. The customer’s requirements for flange gaskets are as follows:

Flange insulation kits

Flange insulation kits

The gasket is composed of a high-purity expanded graphite ring, inner and outer stainless steel metal rings, wherein the graphite ring is embedded between the inner and outer rings of stainless steel.

Expanded graphite requirements:

Carbon content>99.5%

Ash content ≤ 0.5%

Sulfur ion content<200ppm

Total halogen content<200ppm

Chloride ion (free state) content<30ppm

Fluoride ion (free state) ≤ 50ppm

Mechanical properties of graphite: tensile strength ≥ 4.5MPa, compressive strength ≥ 170MPa, density requirement: 0.9 ± 0.1g/㎤

After receiving the inquiry from the customer, our company quickly carried out technical discussions and finally determined that we were fully capable of producing this type of gasket. Finally, the customer signed a supply contract with our company and ordered flange and gasket products.

A694 F65 Long Weld Neck Flanges RTJ

A694 F65 Long Weld Neck Flanges RTJ