Haihao introduction of new environmental protection piping equipment

As the largest developing country in the world,China has enjoyed sustained and rapid economic development since its reform and opening-up in 1978. In particular, industrial production has advanced by leaps and bounds, known as the world factory. But China’s economy is an extensive model of development, with high pollution, high waste, and low efficiency problems. The economic achievements are costly. Especially the pollution problem has been plaguing the Chinese government for years. The development of China’s economy is largely at the expense of the environment.

In recent years, the government has started to adopt various policies and measures to control the environment.These include accelerating the elimination of backward production capacity and defusing excess capacity. As a major polluter, the steel industry has become a key target for the remediation of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.Limited production,production suspension, rectification, a series of measures come to the fore. None of the steel companies is immune, either closed down or rectified. Everything is done to improve the environment.

Haihao,as a leading manufacturer of flange and pipe fittings,is also facing being shut down for rectification.We actively cooperate with the government and the ministry of environmental protection to carry out the transformation of coal into gas and the introduction of new environmental protection piping equipment,especially the environmental pollution links such as sandblasting and painting. Although the cost is high, we are extremely proud to make a contribution to environmental governance.

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