Haihao Group productes ASME B16.5 ASTM B564 UNS N06625 blind flanges for customers in the United Arab Emirates

Haihao Group is pleased to announce a successful order placement for flange products, including ASME B16.5 1/2″ NPTF ASTM B564 UNS N06625 NACE MR0175 blind flanges, received just before the Chinese New Year. The blind flanges come in two specifications, with sizes of 1 inch and 2 inches, and pressure ratings of 150# and 300#, respectively. The customer specifically requested the use of ASTM B564 UNS N06625 (nickel alloy) for the flange material.

ASME B16.5 ASTM B564 UNS N06625 blind flanges

ASME B16.5 ASTM B564 UNS N06625 blind flanges

Upon the customer’s request, these Blind Flanges will feature a 1/2″ NPTF connection. NPTF (National Pipe Thread Fuel) is a tapered thread connection commonly used in pipeline systems, providing reliable sealing. Haihao Group boasts advanced processing equipment to meet customer demands for threaded connections.

Due to the urgency of the customer’s requirements, with a delivery deadline no later than the end of February, Haihao Group, following an assessment by the production department, is committed to completing the production before the Chinese New Year. The customer has expressed satisfaction with our delivery speed.

This order reflects the customer’s confidence in Haihao Group’s ability to provide high-quality flange products. Blind Flanges, available in various sizes and pressure ratings, are particularly suitable for sealing the ends of pipelines. The use of nickel alloy material ensures the durability and corrosion resistance of the products, making them suitable for various applications.

Haihao Group takes pride in supporting customer needs, and this order highlights our commitment to providing reliable and compliant solutions. As we celebrate the festive season of the Chinese New Year, we express gratitude for the customer’s trust and look forward to continued success in the new year through ongoing collaboration.