Haihao Group delivers MSS SP-75 WPHY-42 LR 45° elbows to Jordanian client

In recent years, Jordan, as one of the key countries in the Belt and Road Initiative, has seen an increasingly frequent collaboration with Haihao Group. Previously, a client from Jordan had placed an order with Haihao Group for a batch of MSS SP-75 WPHY-42 long radius 45-degree elbows. We are pleased to announce that production and coating processes have been completed, and delivery to the client is imminent.

The MSS SP-75 standard is developed by the American Society of Pipeline Standards. It specifies the manufacturing requirements for high-strength low-alloy steel forged fittings, including dimensions, materials, chemical composition, mechanical properties, and heat treatment requirements. The MSS SP-75 WPHY-42 LR 45-degree elbows produced by Haihao Group strictly adheres to the relevant requirements of this standard, ensuring customer satisfaction.

MSS SP-75 WPHY-42 long radius 45 degree elbows

MSS SP-75 WPHY-42 long radius 45 degree elbows

Material selection is crucial in pipeline engineering, and WPHY 42, as a pipeline-grade steel, finds extensive application in long-distance pipeline projects. It employs advanced techniques such as microalloying and controlled rolling, combined with metallurgical processes to reduce impurities and enhance the purity of the steel. This results in a uniform fine-grained equiaxed ferrite matrix with a needle-like ferrite (or low-carbon bainite) structure, imbuing WPHY 42 with qualities comparable to normalized steel even in its as-rolled state. This unique microstructure contributes to its high toughness, strength, and weldability, making it an ideal choice for pipeline applications.

As our business ties with Jordan continue to grow, we remain committed to providing innovative solutions and excellent services to our clients. The delivery of MSS SP-75 WPHY-42 LR 45-degree elbows exemplifies our dedication to meeting the evolving demands of the Jordanian market. We look forward to exploring new opportunities and building stronger partnerships in the future.