Haihao Group delivers EN 10253-2 P275NL1 pipe fittings to Romanian customers

Haihao Group is honored to announce its cooperation with a customer from Romania who urgently needs to order a batch of EN 10253-2 standard P275NL1 pipe fittings. This cooperation highlights Haihao Group’s excellent ability to meet customer needs and commitment to high-quality products.

This batch of orders includes various specifications of pipe fittings, such as seamless 90-degree long-radius elbows, seamless equal-diameter tees, seamless reducing tees, seamless concentric reducer, and seamless pipe caps, etc., totaling more than 1,200 pieces , the total weight exceeds 25 tons. After receiving the customer’s request for help, Haihao Group immediately communicated closely with the production department and confirmed that we are fully capable of completing production and delivering this batch of orders within the specified time.

EN 10253-2 P275NL1 pipe fittings

EN 10253-2 P275NL1 pipe fittings

Our customers have put forward a series of strict requirements for the required products, reflecting their ultimate pursuit of quality:

Visual Inspection: Customers require that products undergo a visual inspection to ensure there is no rust, scratches, bends or other damage. This shows that customers pay high attention to the appearance and quality of the product.

Material requirements: The customer requires that it be produced in accordance with EN 10253-2 standards and must pass the impact test at -40°C to ensure that the impact value is greater than 40J. This requirement reflects customers’ stringent requirements for product durability and reliability.

Bill of Materials for Raw Materials and Finished Products: Customers need to know the Bill of Materials for raw materials and finished products to ensure that the product meets their standards and requirements.

Tight delivery time: The customer requires delivery of the entire order within 25 days, which is an extremely challenging delivery time limit that requires us to provide efficient and precise production and delivery plans.

Our customer was satisfied with our response and commitment and ultimately decided to sign a supply contract with us. Haihao Group will continue to win the trust and support of customers with excellent quality, on-time delivery and excellent service. We look forward to establishing long-term cooperative relationships with our customers and providing them with more high-quality piping system products.