Ensuring quality excellence: Haihao Group collaborates with SGS for inspection

At Haihao Group, we uphold rigorous standards for product quality, leaving no room for compromise. To ensure impeccable quality of the ASME B16.5 ASTM A105 SO flanges, blind flanges, and WN flanges ordered by our Brazilian customer, we have taken extra measures.

Third-Party Validation, Double Confidence

In pursuit of certified product quality, our Brazilian customer specifically chose SGS as the third-party quality inspection agency. As a globally renowned expert in quality assessment, SGS holds exceptional expertise in inspecting, testing, and auditing products.



Comprehensive Inspection

This quality inspection encompassed a thorough assessment of the flanges’ external dimensions, chemical composition, and mechanical strength:

External Dimension Inspection: Ensuring accurate flange dimensions that meet engineering requirements.

Chemical Composition Testing: Verifying material compliance with ASTM A105 standards.

Mechanical Strength Testing: Evaluating flange strength and durability.

Collaboration, Commitment, Collective Growth

By opting for SGS inspection, we exemplify the values of collaboration and a shared pursuit of quality with our Brazilian customer. Our decision reflects our commitment to not just meeting industry standards, but surpassing them with superior quality.

Quality, Witnessed Commitment

We are confident that SGS’s stringent inspection will endorse each flange, assuring its exceptional craftsmanship and quality. Through our collaboration with SGS, we not only reinforce our partnership with the Brazilian customer but also strengthen our position of excellence in the realm of quality.

Our collaboration with SGS is not just a recognition of industry standards; it’s a steadfast belief in quality. This partnership signifies our dedication to quality, integrity, and the trust of our customers.

The collaboration with SGS embodies Haihao Group’s commitment to excellence in quality. We safeguard products, and through SGS’s inspection, we take a step forward in your success.