Delivery of customized large diameter elbow by Brazilian customer

Large diameter elbow generally refers to the elbow with diameter above DN600. Large diameter elbow includes large diameter straight seam elbow and large diameter seamless elbow butt welding elbow. The production of large-diameter seamless elbow is recognized as a difficult point in the industry. It has a series of advantages, including health, non-toxic, light weight, good heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, high impact resistance, and long service life.

Delivery of customized large diameter elbow

Delivery of customized large diameter elbow

With more than 40 years of production experience, Haihao Group has mastered the production technology of various large-diameter elbows, and the products have been sold all over the world. On September 20, a batch of elbows were packed in the warehouse of Haihao and will be sent to a chemical project in Brazil. Forty batches of the project have been delivered successively before. At present, flanges, pipe fittings and other products are in continuous production.

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