Custom fittings and flanges

Hebei Haihao Group is a professional manufacturer of flanges and pipe fittings. We not only have strong technical force, can produce standard, non-standard and customized high, medium, low pressure various specifications, various series of pipe fittings for customers, but also have chemical analysis, mechanical properties test and other testing capabilities. In order to avoid you receiving unqualified products, we will carry out strict inspection on each type of products before leaving the factory. Some time ago, we exported a batch of goods to Singapore. We not only completed these pipe fittings and flanges quickly and well, but also carried out strict Size testing, and chemical composition testing on these goods. The customers were very satisfied after receiving the products.

For example, A105 saddle in this batch of goods, saddle is an alternative to the existing tee, which is highly flexible and well received by the domestic and foreign markets. Can replace tee, low cost, convenient welding, no need to cut the main pipe, construction at any Angle of the pipe. Advantages:Large diameter, wide diameter range, saddle seat with blocking parts, good sealing, non-stop air, low operating cost, short time, high safety.There is no need to cut off the main pipe, which is less destructive to the main pipe. Please see below picture.

A105 saddle

A105 saddle

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