Application and introduction of reducing pipe

The reducer is also called swaged nipple. It is a kind of forged pipe fittings, usually using American Standard MSS sp-95, common materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel.

Swage Eccentric Nipple ASTM A403 GR WP304S MSS SP-95

Swage Eccentric Nipple ASTM A403 GR WP304S MSS SP-95

Reducing pipe (reducing nipple) is used to connect two pipes of different sizes in a straight line to realize pipe diameter variation. There are concentric reducing joint and eccentric reducing joint. The center lines of the two pipes connected by the concentric reducing joint are in a straight line, which is mainly used for vertical pipelines; Eccentric reducers are mostly used in horizontal pipelines. With straight side reducing joint, GB12459 (dn20x15 ~ 500 ~ 300) is made of seamless steel pipe; Reducer without straight side section, GB / Ti. MOI (DN350) × 300~1200 × 1000) made of steel plate or strip. Generally, the reducing joint for large diameter pipe connection is made of steel plate or steel strip, which is cheap and economical, but it is more difficult to align the welding groove without straight side reducing joint than with straight side reducing joint. In small diameter pipeline (below DN50), reducing nipple is often used to replace reducing joint for pipe reducing. Reducing nipples are also concentric and eccentric.

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