How to use the ASTM A182 F347H pipe fitting?

ASTM A182 F347H pipe fittings are forged pipe fittings,commonly used to be socketed or threaded connecting with the ASTM A213 TP347H steel pipes.The ASTM A182 F347H pipe fittings contain:elbow,tee,reducer,cap,cross,bend,union,swage nipple,sockolet,thredolet,coupling etc.(What is ASTM A182 F347H pipe fitting?)

ASTM A182 F347H Pipe Fittings

ASTM A182 F347H Pipe Fittings

The ASTM A182 F347H pipe fitting has its unique characteristics to use:

(1)High strength and plasticity in high temperature,so it could be used in the boiler and heat exchanger.

(2)Resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

(3)Excellent structure stability.

(4)High chemical homogeneity.

(5)Good processability and welding performance.

(6)Precise size and good surface quality.

So ASTM A182 F347H pipe fitting could be widely used in industry fields like oil,gas,power plant,water treatment,chemical-industry etc.